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Winston Peters slams New Zealand immigration policies

Posted on 23 Jun at 8 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Living In New Zealand,

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has again slammed the government for its policies over immigration. In the year ending May migration hit a net gain of 57,800, something that has not pleased the minister.

Mr Peters said it was unfair that New Zealanders are having to compete for jobs and houses against those entering the country from overseas. He added that anger was inevitable as more Kiwis are forced to go on the dole. He went on to condemn the fact that more New Zealanders were finding themselves living in rented accommodation because rising house prices meant they could no longer to buy their own home.

The outspoken party leader is also angry that foreign students are funding their studies by taking jobs in service stations, hotels and supermarkets, thereby taking low-skilled jobs away from Kiwi workers.

Mr Peters claims the government is encouraging migrants to enter the country so it can paint a rosy picture of a booming economy.

New Zealand currently has around 100,000 foreign students, something Mr Peters claims is a recipe for disaster. The number of migrants choosing to make New Zealand a home has been increasing over the past few years and immigration is now at its highest level ever.

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