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Expanding opportunities in New Zealand

Posted on 19 Jun at 5 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

An improving economy, falling unemployment and a demand for skilled workers makes New Zealand an attractive country to move to for those wishing to make a new home abroad. Although Australia remains the favorite for many Irish emigrants, New Zealand offers a less harsh climate, great scenery and plenty of employment opportunities.

The number of Irish who choose to make New Zealand their new home has been increasing year on year over the past decade. There are now major opportunities for skilled workers in sectors spanning hospitality to construction.

Economists are convinced that the New Zealand economy is going to continue to improve. Recently the number of people leaving the country to look for work in neighbouring Australia fell to the point where New Zealand now has positive immigration figures.

This is mainly because the once lucrative mining sector in Australia appears to be drying up and more Kiwis are deciding to move back to take advantage of the new opportunities in their home country.

For the Irish who choose to make New Zealand a new home, most opportunities are still to be found in and around Christchurch which continues to rebuild itself after being devastated by massive earthquakes.

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