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Investment announced for immigration

Posted on 15 May at 7 AM Tags: Immigration, Property,

The number of immigration officers in New Zealand will be boosted as the government pledges to invest $33 million in the coming four years. Michael Woodhouse, Immigration Minister, said in a pre-Budget announcement that more resources were needed to deal with the increase in the number of visitors entering the country.

Around $8 million will be injected from immigration fees with a further $25 million donated by the Crown. The plan is to employ another 36 immigration officers, some of whom will be border officers at Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland airports.

Border security systems are also going to get a $6.6 million injection for improvements, according to Mr Woodhouse.

The minister said that an increase in export education and tourism meant additional investment and resources were needed to cope with the changing state of global risk. The number of people arriving in New Zealand has risen by around 1.3 million over the past decade and is expected to keep on rising.

Mr Woodhouse said the additional investment in resources will give Immigration New Zealand the ability to manage offshore risks through more advanced risk profiling and information. The minister explained that a small number of high-risk people would in future be prevented from getting on to a flight to New Zealand.

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