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Winston Peters wants better quality migrants

Posted on 29 Apr at 10 AM Tags: Immigration, Property,

Winston Peters, leader of New Zealand First, has taken a swipe at the government’s immigration policy accusing it of allowing immigrants who are not up to standard to settle in the country.

The attack came as Statistics New Zealand confirmed that in the 12 months to March the net gain of migrants in New Zealand hit 56,275. This is an increase of 75 per cent on the year before.

Although there has been an increase in the number of people moving into the country, the figures have also been boosted by a rise in the number deciding not to leave. The figures indicate that the number of people leaving New Zealand fell by 13 per cent and that net migration is set to pass 60,000 people by the end of 2015.

Mr Peters is concerned that the increase in numbers will put too much pressure on school services, housing and hospital services. He added that it was not just the increase in the number of people making New Zealand their home, but the quality of the people choosing to do so.

Although Mr Peters hit out at people cheating the Inland Revenue by entering the fruit-picking sector he did say that his party was not anti-immigration.

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