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INZ targets visa test imposters

Posted on 23 Apr at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property,

Immigration New Zealand is implementing new measures to help identify prospective immigrants who may be cheating in order to get their visa applications approved. According to INZ some applicants have been attempting to cheat the system by getting others to sit English language examinations and medical tests.

Michael Carley, operations manager for INZ, said a Chinese man had recently applied for an investor visa but had used another person to take the required English language exam. Immigration staff became suspicious when they spotted the photograph on the test did match his passport photo.

Following an independent investigation by The British Council, which conducted the test, the conclusion was that the certificate was not valid.

Mr Carley said the case proved that immigration officers were becoming more proficient at spotting fraudsters. He explained that because many of the documents passing through were similar it is easy to spot the differences between legitimate pictures of what someone should look like and those that have been altered.

Mr Carley went on to say that legitimate interviewers and doctors were being used in order to target imposters, but added that the number of fraud cases was still only a very small proportion of the 30,000 residence applications received each year.

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