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Kim Dotcom faces deportation from New Zealand

Posted on 17 Apr at 10 AM Tags: Immigration, Law, Property, New Zealand Travel,

Controversial internet entrepreneur and New Zealand resident Kim Dotcom could face deportation for not filling in his residency application correctly. The Megaupload website creator allegedly failed to declare that he had a conviction for dangerous driving.

Katie Knowles, acting area manager for Immigration New Zealand, said the agency was currently looking into the situation. She added that in the interests of justice Dotcom has until the beginning of next month for his advisors to make submissions regarding the matter.

Knowles went on to say that after the matter had been properly assessed it would be down to the Minister of Immigration to decide whether deportation is the correct course of action.

The case is entirely separate from the hearing set to take place in a few months time concerning accusations by the US that Dotcom broke copyright laws. A decision against Dotcom could also result in deportation.

Dotcom has already said he believed that immigration officials had been aware of his dangerous driving conviction when he applied for residency. The entrepreneur was travelling in a 50km/h zone at 149km/h, something he pleaded guilty to in 2009. However, Dotcom failed to declare the traffic offence in the appropriate part of his residency application.

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