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Chilean family face deportation from New Zealand

Posted on 13 Mar at 5 AM Tags: Currency Exchange, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, Living In New Zealand,

A Chilean family living in New Zealand is likely to be deported if they cannot find the means to leave the country voluntarily by the end of the month. Christchurch resident Mauricio Ravet claims that he, his wife, and their two daughters do not have the money to fly back to Chile.

Mr Ravet added that his daughter Kate was born in New Zealand and was therefore a legitimate citizen of the country. He points out that when he first arrived in New Zealand he was working legally, but that a work permit issued in 2011 had since expired and his application for a new one declined.

Craig Foss, Associate Immigration Minister, said the family had failed to resolve their issues after being given plenty of chances to make their immigration status official and upskill. He added that the family had reneged on agreements made with the immigration authorities and misrepresented their position to Immigration New Zealand.

However, Mr Ravet claims that when he made his application for a permit in 2011 he was told that he and his family could make a new start and that any previous overstay issues would not affect his residency application.

Mr Ravet said his main concern was for his daughter who does not have Chilean citizenship.

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