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Prince Harry to visit New Zealand and Australia

Posted on 2 Mar at 9 PM Tags: Property,

Prince Harry will spend time serving in Australia before visiting New Zealand in a non-military capacity, according to reports. The visit Down Under is likely to come before the prince officially ends his military career.

According to an article published in the Evening Standard, the fourth-in-line to the English throne has been thinking hard about when to end his military service. The piece also describes how the prince is keen to spend time in Australia and New Zealand before doing so.

According to Australian Defence Association Executive Director, Neil James, hundreds of military service men and women choose to involve themselves in exchange programmes between the UK and Australia.

It is likely that Prince Harry will serve with attack helicopters in Darwin or infantry units in Townsville, Darwin or Brisbane, Mr James said. He added that there was nothing surprising about a UK serviceman choosing to do this, but did point out that in this case the serviceman was someone a little special.

There has so far been no official comment from the Defence Department, the New Zealand or Australian Governor General or Kensington Palace. Prince Harry is expected to join his father, Prince Charles, in Gallipoli for the 100th anniversary Anzac Day service.

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