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New Zealand cracks down on fake monks

Posted on 21 Jan at 7 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, New Zealand Travel,

Immigration New Zealand is cooperating with Chinese authorities to prevent fake monk scammers from entering the country. According to reports a fake charity nun and two monks who have been targeting pedestrians for cash donations in return for blessings have fled New Zealand for Australia.

According to Michael Carley, INZ area manager, members of a syndicate have been dressing up as nuns and monks and offering blessings in exchange for money or jewellery.

In a report, the New Zealand Herald claims members of the syndicate are recruited in China. In exchange for $2065 training is given on how to become Taoist nuns, Buddhist monks, fortune tellers or traditional Chinese medicine street doctors. The scammers are also provided with appropriate outfits and paraphernalia such as religious images, amulets and prayer bracelets.

Help is also provided by the syndicate on how to apply for a visa, accommodation arrangements and travel. Mr Carley said the immigration authorities are considering whether or not to allow the three back into New Zealand and confirmed that a number of other applications from China had already been declined.

Similar cases of fake nuns and monks soliciting money in exchange for blessings have been reported in other countries including Canada, the US and Australia.

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