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New Zealand First slams immigration figures

Posted on 3 Jan at 5 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Property,

New Zealand First has hit out at expanding immigration figures claiming it will be New Zealanders who will suffer because of the influx. Party leader Winston Peters said record immigration figures each month are madness. He claimed that to the year ending in November 108,838 immigrants entered New Zealand.

He added this figure represented a flood with no way to control the flood gates. Peters claims that net migration of nearly 50,000 in the last year will cripple services such as the health service and the hospitals and it will be the taxpayer who will have to pay more only to end up at the back of the queue.

Peters also claims the housing problem will be exacerbated if immigration is allowed to continue unchecked. He said Auckland was already suffering from a housing shortage and more immigrants would all have to live somewhere resulting in rents being pushed higher.

The minister blamed the government for introducing a policy that meant New Zealanders come second adding that he was worried about the Treasury’s prediction the number of immigrants entering the country could increase to around 55,000 per year.

Peters also condemned the government’s education policy pointing out that the number of education visas being issued was up by 7400.

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