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Improved NZ student visa application service to be introduced

Posted on 19 Sep at 8 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, Working Holiday,

New Zealand’s immigration authority has announced plans to introduce a new visa application process for students in the New Year. The scheme will make it easier for students from around the globe to apply for permission to study in the country.

The E-visa scheme will mean application and payment for student visas can be made online, removing the need for often complicated and time consuming paperwork as everything will be electronic.

If successful the initiative will be widened to include applications for tourist visas. The authorities hope that by streamlining the system more tourists will be encouraged to choose the islands as a destination for their holidays.

Currently New Zealand is home to some 67,000 overseas students who help the local economy as well as provide revenue to education establishments. An improved applications model could help push the number of inquiries about studying in the country.

As the general election moves closer the subject of immigration is hotting up. Winston Peters, leader of New Zealand First, said he wants to see foreigners prevented from buying property on the islands. He also wants to see a cut in the number of migrants settling in Auckland because of the current housing shortage.

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