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No change to NZ immigration rules

Posted on 15 Aug at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Law, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

The New Zealand government has confirmed that it will not be making any major changes to immigrations laws, even though the number of migrants entering the country is on the increase.

John Keys, the country’s Prime Minister, said this week that the New Zealand economy is growing at a steady pace and that the labour market continued to suffer from a lack of skilled workers.

Although unemployment figures continue to fall, companies in New Zealand are still crying out for skilled workers from overseas, especially in the ICT and engineering sectors. Keys said that the current challenge was keeping pace with New Zealand’s annual growth rate of four per cent.

At the moment annual net migration stands at around 38,000. Keys said that because there was enough job choice for Kiwi citizens he sees no reason to amend the immigration rules because at present the unemployment rate is continuing to go down.

Immigration figures do not represent a large number for the islands according to the PM. This is despite the number of Kiwis staying at home rather than crossing the Tasman to Australia in search of jobs. Over the last financial year the number of Kiwis moving overseas dropped by 22 per cent.

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