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How to beat New Zealand immigration rules

Posted on 12 Jun at 10 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, Working Holiday,

A video has surfaced on Youtube explaining various techniques that can be employed by would-be migrants to find work in New Zealand with just a tourist visa. According to the 29-minute video, which is in Portuguese, visitors should be prepared to lie to officials from Immigration New Zealand when they cross the border.

Potential migrants are advised never to mention work and insist they are visiting New Zealand for a holiday. The video also explains that anyone wanting to extend a visitor visa after six months will need to prove to the authorities that they have at least NZ$6,000 in a bank account.

This can be done by borrowing the cash off a number of friends, putting it into an account and then printing out a statement. The video assures viewers that an extension will then be granted.

According to Rachael Purdom, an Immigration spokesperson, the ploys outlined in the video were commonly used. She added that last year the agency refused some 800 people from entering New Zealand and denied boarding of flights to the country to a further 1,700.

She added that the immigration department had robust processes and systems in place to thwart the plans of those who attempt to subvert the immigration system.

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