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Auckland doctor fighting to recoup $300,000

Posted on 5 Jun at 6 AM Tags: Currency Exchange, Property,

A New Zealand doctor is struggling to get $300,000 back after being duped by a Nigerian-based fraudster. The doctor, who lives in Auckland, has parents in the UK and the cash had been put aside to purchase property either in Britain or New Zealand.

Speaking to The New Zealand Herald, the medic, who remains anonymous, explained that he had been conversing with his father about transferring the money to a UK bank account. Apparently a verbal agreement was made to transfer the cash which was then followed up with an email cancelling the request as the property deal had fallen through.

An email was then received by the doctor asking that the money be transferred because the deal had in fact been accepted. The doctor, under the assumption that the communiqué was from his father, transferred the money, but on speaking to his father found out he had been conned.

It is believed that a phishing technique was used to access the father’s email account enabling the Nigerian conman to pretend to be the dad. The ordeal is being used to illustrate the dangers of internet scams during International Fraud Awareness Week.

The doctor is now talking to the police, his bank and the bank the money was transferred to see if he can recoup the loss.

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