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Immigration to New Zealand at 10 year high

Posted on 30 May at 9 AM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

The number of immigrants choosing to make New Zealand their new home has hit its highest level in a decade. At the same time the number of Kiwis choosing to cross the Tasman and set up shop in Australia is currently at an all time low. The exodus to Australia over the past few years has been something of a concern for the New Zealand authorities who have been worried that a loss of skilled workers damages the economy.

However, during April this year just 200 left while oversees workers have been flooding in. It was not long ago that as many as 35,000 Kiwis were leaving for foreign destinations every year.

Prime Minister John Key said recently that the slowdown in emigration was a reflection of the positive changes that have been made.

Not everyone is pleased with the rise in immigrant numbers. Some analysts are worried that the increase will cause house prices to rise, interest rates to balloon and too much stress to be placed on the health services and education.

The opposition Labour Party has been calling for more control to be placed on the number of immigrants allowed to enter New Zealand. However, it is still to specify just how many immigrants should be permitted to cross the border.

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