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New rules for immigration advisers come into force

Posted on 13 Jan at 8 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property,

Immigration advisers in New Zealand will have to abide by a new set of standards from today as the authorities attempt to clamp down on operators who are incompetent or deliberately dodgy. The Immigration Advisers Authority has drawn up a new set of rules after consulting with immigrant groups, industry bodies and around 100 legitimate immigration advisers.

The IAA said that the new standards will help to give peace of mind to prospective immigrants because advisers will now be required to supply proof that they are licensed and behave in an honest and professional manner.

The immigration authority has also warned prospective immigrants of the dangers of using an unregistered adviser as they can often be unethical and incompetent. Licensed advisers, however, are required to meet competency standards and warn clients of all the risks involved when applying for a New Zealand visa.

Barry Smedts, Registrar of Immigration Advisers, said migrants should be especially wary of any adviser who refuses to put their name on the application or encourages their client to be dishonest with Immigration New Zealand.

Last year warrants were issued by the police for the arrest of two advisers who were accused of defrauding more than $50,000 from immigrants.

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