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New Zealand visitor numbers up in 2013

Posted on 9 Jan at 9 AM Tags: Property, Working Holiday,

The latest figures to be released by Statistics New Zealand show that visitor numbers to the country in November were up by 8 per cent on the same month a year earlier. Over the year visitor figures were up by around 5 per cent to 2.7 million.

Although the majority of migrants came from India, China and the UK, the number of visitors coming from Australia increased by 52,700 and the number coming in from the US was up by 19,000.

Population statistics project manager, Susan Hollows, said the increase in visitor numbers was largely due to an increase in holidaymakers flying in from the United States, Germany and Australia. As well as the arrival of more immigrants, Hollows said net gain over the past few months was due to fewer Kiwis choosing to cross the Tasman for a new life in Australia.

According to the research the number of New Zealanders leaving for Australia last year dropped to 22,100 compared to 38,800 migrants leaving for Oz a year earlier. From most other countries came net gains in migrants with the UK coming top with 5,900. China providing 5,600 migrants and India 5,300.

Last year residents of New Zealand took 2.189 million trips abroad. The most common destinations were Australia, the US, Fiji and the UK.

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