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Police warn of immigration scam

Posted on 25 Dec at 8 AM Tags: Currency Exchange, Immigration, Property, New Zealand Travel,

Auckland police are warning New Zealanders to be wary of scams from overseas by individuals claiming to be officials from Immigration New Zealand. There have been a dozen complaints from residents of the city and it is thought that scammers have already managed to con more than $23,000 from travellers.

According to the police, the fraudsters are calling people from what appears to be a telephone number originating from New Zealand with the caller claiming to be an immigration official.

The victim is then informed that because of a recent trip to their country of birth they have incurred a fine. They are then told that they must transfer between $900 and $1,000 to Western Union or another remittance agent. Police say that because the scam is international it is difficult for anything to be done about protecting people other than ask them to be wary of anyone claiming to be from Immigration and demanding cash.

One victim claims she was told details on her arrival card in India had been entered incorrectly and that she must transfer $969 immediately or face being deported. The woman said she had refused the caller’s request.

Immigration said it has known about the scam since October and it was mainly people from India who are being targeted.

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