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New Zealand introduces entrepreneurial business visa

Posted on 16 Dec at 8 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

The immigration department in New Zealand has announced that it is to set up a new business visa in an attempt to attract more entrepreneurs to the country. Michael Woodhouse, Immigration Minister, said on Friday that the new visa policy was aimed at foreign immigrants looking to set up businesses of a high quality.

The entrepreneur work visa will be rolled out next March and will replace the long-term business visa. Mr Woodhouse explained that the old business visa had been in place since 1999 and was attracting lower-quality applications.

Those applying for the entrepreneur work visa will need to have a minimum of 10,000 NZ dollars in capital investment to ensure that they have the means at their disposal to create innovative, high growth businesses.

The system will also be points-based, with points awarded under various criteria including business experience, export potential and job creation. In a statement Mr Woodhouse said New Zealand needed to attract more well-connected, enterprising and talented business people prepared to grow businesses and invest in New Zealand.

He added that the changes to the existing visa system would attract entrepreneurs who will create jobs, grow profitable businesses and invest in communities all around the country.

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