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Protest in New Zealand parliament over immigration

Posted on 20 Nov at 12 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

New Zealand’s parliament was interrupted on Tuesday by a group of demonstrators calling for immigration justice. Question Time was put on hold for around five minutes while officials attempted to remove the group. Around 20 people wearing orange head-ties and armbands were involved.

The group was led by Marua Ashby-Thapur and Losa Tupara-Singh, two women who believe their husbands Yogesh Thapar and Ranjeet Singh were wrongly deported from the country. Security guards struggled to remove some of the protesters who were chanting “You stole our husband” and “Bring them home”.

The women are calling on the Prime Minister to intervene and claim that their husbands were not allowed to re-enter the country by Immigration New Zealand. Following a trip to India last year Mr Singh was told that he would not be allowed into New Zealand because of his criminal convictions.

Mr Singh claims that he has no such convictions and that the immigration authorities do not believe that his marriage is genuine. Mr Thapur also claims that Immigration New Zealand does not believe his marriage is authentic.

Just two weeks ago a report was published that suggests hundreds of applications by husbands and wives wishing to join their spouses in New Zealand have been wrongly refused.

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