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Overseas students permitted to work while studying

Posted on 14 Oct at 2 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, Working Holiday,

New rules being introduced by the New Zealand government will make it easier for international students to work in the country while completing courses at language institutes and universities. A visa/work package was recently unveiled that the government hopes will attract more overseas students to the country.

Students will now be permitted to earn money by working during their summer vacation as well as other breaks during their courses. The new scheme will also allow selected private education providers and polytechnics to work with immigration New Zealand to make the process of issuing visas more streamlined.

Those on English language courses will be permitted to work part-time during their holidays, whereas those studying to obtain masters’ degrees or doctorates will be able to work in full-time positions.

Study visas will now not be issued to Category 4 institution applicants as a way of maintaining the quality of education overseas students are being offered.

Michael Woodhouse, Immigration Minister, said he hoped the new system would ensure the best students are attracted to New Zealand from abroad while guaranteeing that those students will receive the highest level of education. There are also due to be reforms in the pastoral care system for foreign students to ensure they do not become the victims of visa racketeers or rogue education providers.

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