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Kiwis generally happy with their lives

Posted on 13 Aug at 9 AM Tags: Currency Exchange, Property,

According to a report by Statistics New Zealand most Kiwis consider a good life to be influenced by a range of factors including earning enough money, housing, relationships and good health. Around a fifth of New Zealanders responding to a 2012 study claimed they had good housing, were in good health, had enough money and did not feel lonely. Nearly all of these people said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their life.

However five per cent of respondents said they had recently felt lonely, did not have adequate housing, did not earn enough cash and were not in good health. Yet 55 per cent said they were either very satisfied or satisfied with life.

The report was compiled after the 2012 NZ General Social Survey looked at the responses of 8,500 people.

According to Philip Walker, manager at the NZGSS, 87 per cent of the population said they were satisfied with their lives. This is similar to the results obtained by the OECD for countries like Canada, the United States and Australia, and higher than the global average.

The survey also proved that Kiwis have better prepared themselves for emergencies. In 2008 40 per cent of respondents said they had emergency water that would last for three days. By 2012 this figure had risen to 52 per cent.

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