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New Zealand visitor numbers up during May

Posted on 24 Jun at 9 AM Tags: Property, New Zealand Travel,

The number of people visiting New Zealand in May this year grew by 9 per cent according to Statistics New Zealand. Andrea Blackburn, population statistics manager, said the number was the highest ever for the month of May adding that the figure has grown from around 141,000 visitors to 153,000.

The main contributors to the increase were Australia, from which visitor numbers were up by 8,000 and China where the number increased by 3,900. The number of New Zealanders leaving on overseas trips was also up by 2 per cent to 2.163 million during the month. An improved exchange rate with the US saw the number of Kiwis travelling to America increase by 15,200.

Better prospects at home meant an increase in inbound migration as fewer Kiwis travelled to Australia in search of a better lifestyle and a higher income. The New Zealand economy appears to be growing while many experts are warning that Australia’s resource boom may be slowing down.

During May the largest number of migrants came across the Tasman from Australia. This was followed by the UK, India and then China. According to Daniel Smith, an economist with ASB Bank, the rebuild in Canterbury has had a marked effect on international migration flows.

He said that since the beginning of 2012 there has been a rise in the number of people coming to the region for the longer-term or permanently and a drop in the number leaving.

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