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Down Under Live highlights New Zealand

Posted on 20 May at 2 PM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Moving To New Zealand, Living In New Zealand,

Brits considering a new life in New Zealand have been finding out more at Down Under Live, an expo for skilled job seekers that has been visiting a number of cities across the UK. The Christchurch rebuild means that there is a strong demand for construction workers and engineers and professionals working in the supporting sectors.

New Zealand employers are also offering a range of positions in agriculture, the health services, education and finance. The expos are being attended by company representatives, headhunters and migration specialists who are on hand to answer questions.

A spokeswoman for NZ Immigration said attracting skilled workers from Britain was important because the language is the same and the cultures are similar. Among the reasons given by those looking to move to New Zealand were the stagnant UK economy and the British weather.

A better quality of life with less stress was also important. A number of people visiting the expos have already set up job interviews and said they were looking forward to taking a trip Down Under to get a better idea of what a permanent move would be like.

New Zealand is also a popular choice with young families who feel their children will enjoy a better upbringing.

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