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Number of Kiwis moving to Australia falls

Posted on 1 Apr at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, New Zealand Travel,

New data released by Statistics New Zealand shows that the number of Kiwis crossing the Tasman to Australia has dropped to a two-year low. Last month 3,770 New Zealanders travelled to Australia compared to 4,630 for the same month a year ago. The number of people moving in the opposite direction also rose to 1,420 meaning a 2,350 net migration loss.

According to Felix Delbruck, an economist with Westpac, migration figures can vary on a monthly basis but that an improving trend appears to be firming. He said that one of the reasons was that the Australian labour market is becoming less attractive.

ASB economist, Daniel Smith, said the number of people making a move across the Tasman is likely to continue to fall as the New Zealand economy improves and jobs are produced by the Canterbury rebuild. He added that the majority of migrants moving from Australia to New Zealand were returning Kiwis.

Because there were more arrivals than departures last month a net gain of 550 migrants was recorded. Delbruck said that for the past six months net immigration has been positive.

Statistics NZ said most migrants moving in both directions were citizens of New Zealand. There has also been a net gain in migrants from other countries including 4,900 from India, 5,400 from China and 5,900 from Britain.

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