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New Zealand summer holiday shift considered

Posted on 4 Feb at 10 AM Tags: Property, Working Holiday,

New research has revealed that just under a quarter of adults in New Zealand would support moving the summer holiday period from its traditional position in the calendar to February. The study conducted by Tourism Bay of Plenty found that 24 per cent of those who responded would like to move the summer break to a time when better weather was guaranteed.

However, 38 per cent of respondents said they would be opposed to such a move. A similar number confessed to being undecided. Rhys Arrowsmith, general manager of Tourism Bay of Plenty, said the subject of shifting the holidays came up every year and the research showed that New Zealanders remained divided on the issue.

He added that the weather had been good this year with some fine periods over the Christmas holiday season. He went on to say that the weather was usually guaranteed to be good during the month of February.

According to the survey, poor weather is the biggest spoiler of holidays for Kiwis (40 per cent) followed by 20 per cent of respondents who said they found the traffic most annoying.

Arrowsmith conceded that the rain was annoying for people who were camping or looking forward to soaking up some rays on the beach, but added that there were plenty of indoor activities across New Zealand for both children and adults to enjoy.

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