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New visa rule introduced for Canterbury rebuild jobs

Posted on 28 Jan at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

A change to the visa rules in New Zealand will come into effect as a way of getting more Kiwis to the front of the queue for jobs created by the Canterbury rebuild.

According to Immigration Minister Nathan Guy, the new system will mean that visa applications associated to jobs in Canterbury will not now be processed prior to a check to see if there are any New Zealanders available to fill the positions.

Mr Guy added that the new rule will be beneficial to employers who will get a clearer idea of whether a visa application is likely to be approved. Before supporting a migrant’s visa application all employers must now get in contact with the Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub to register vacancies in manual, clerical and trade occupations.

In the case that there are Kiwis available, the Hub will make sure the employer and potential employee are put in touch. If there is no one available then the Hub will contact Immigration New Zealand to consider a migrant to fill the vacancy.

Mr Guy explained that because the labour market checks were now to be performed by the Hub and not Immigration, processing visa applications would be streamlined. The new rule does not apply to overseas applicants wanting to fill highly skilled vacancies or Canterbury Skills Shortage List jobs.

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