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New Zealand looks forward to scorching summer

Posted on 7 Jan at 9 AM Tags: Property,

Better weather is one of the top reasons given by Brits looking start a new life abroad. Those thinking of emigrating to New Zealand can look forward to a scorching summer this year as westerly winds bring warm, dry conditions. The South Island is currently enjoying temperatures in the mid-30s with temperatures in areas such as Southland and Otago hitting record highs.

Richard Green, an analyst for Weatherwatch, said the winds are likely to continue to pull in the warm weather. He added that the winds were bringing the weather in across the Tasman from Australia where temperatures are scorching at the moment. He went on to say that the situation is likely to remain until at least the end of next month and would be a welcome relief after last year’s cold, wet summer.

Green said that although the end of the week would see settled warm weather over most of the country, the north is likely to be more humid. However, he added that there was the potential for scorching weather across the whole of New Zealand, not just the south.

North westerly winds will bring high temperatures to traditional hotspots including Gisborne, central North Island, Mackenzie Country and Central Otego.

Green said it was also unlikely that Cyclone Freda, which hit the Solomon Islands in December, would strike New Zealand.

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