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Boss of GCSB knew about illegal spying on Kim Dotcom

Posted on 5 Nov at 10 AM Tags: Law, Property,

Reports have emerged that suggest New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau boss knew about the illegal surveillance of Kim Dotcom, who has been accused of internet piracy. New Zealand law prohibits spying by the organization on any of the country’s citizens.

The GCSB has been compelled under the Official Information Act to admit that Hugh Wolfensohn, who was acting director at the time the illegal surveillance was taking place had full knowledge of the situation. It is understood that Mr Wolfensohn is currently on leave and could face being sacked over the debacle.

Ian Fletcher, the GCSB’s present director has refused to say how many others within the organization knew about the illegal surveillance of Dotcom. The GCSB is claiming that it only realized that the spying had been illegal on 12 September, even though there had been prior reports in the media saying that Dotcom was a resident of New Zealand.

The department has since been in touch with the Office of the Prime Minister. According to Mr Fletcher the GCSB had only operated with the police and the Organised and Financial Crime Agency and not the FBI.

Senior police officers are currently looking into illegal surveillance at the GCSB. A report into the matter is due to be published later this month.

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