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Parkway welcomes Immigration New Zealand border services improvements

Posted on 24 Sep at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, New Zealand Travel,

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries, Immigration New Zealand and NZ Customs have agreed on further improvements to border services at Auckland Airport.

The airport’s general manager for aeronautical operations, Judy Nicholl, told reporters she was more than pleased with the announcement, describing the agreement as a welcome development for airport staff, tourists and trade alike. Nicholl added that the remote country has tourism disadvantages when compared with many other more easily accessible countries, and needs to work harder as a result.

Nicholl is aware that visitors’ arrivals experience is a significant part of their first impressions of New Zealand and also plays a part in the growth of tourism as repeat visits can result from a positive initial experience. Skytrax surveys, she adds, have already rated Auckland Airport’s friendly and professional service as the best in the Australia-Pacific region for the last four years.

Today’s announcement, she says, is proof that the border agencies take their responsibility as first in the line for arriving international passengers as seriously as do the airport’s hospitality staff, and are searching for ways to make the travel experience even more trouble-free whilst preserving the security of the country’ s borders. The new arrangements are expected to speed up the arrivals process and New Zealand and Australian passengers will be asked their opinion of the services provided.
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