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Immigration New Zealand offers two new website tools

Posted on 27 Jul at 6 PM Tags: Property,

INZ has announced via a press release two new online tools aimed at helping New Zealand employers search for offshore talent in a more effective manner.

The Skill Finder tool and the New Zealand Now web pages have been designed to assist prospective skill-shortage migrants make the move to NZ by linking them with New Zealand businesses searching for their specific skills. It is hoped that the new sites will allow businesses to find the skilled personnel they need to continue growing.

The New Zealand Now site has been an efficient source of information for skilled migrants for several years, but its new upgrade will make the pages more user-friendly and gives the ability to target messages to visitors based on their location when viewing the site. According to INZ’s general manager for settlement, protection and attraction, Stephen Dunston, the new site will be able to tailor messages in a manner which will promote the country effectively.

The updated Skill Finder pages will be able to connect businesses with the growing number of potential migrants and give them a more accurate impression of the marketplace in which they are searching. Dunston added that migrating is a huge decision, and the new websites will be popular with potential migrants and help them in the decision-making process.
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