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Missing NZ overseas student found using false name

Posted on 20 Jul at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Property, Living In New Zealand,

A Chinese man who had entered New Zealand on a student visa and disappeared in 2005 has been traced and is awaiting deportation.

The former overseas student had overstayed his student visa and went missing from Christchurch in May 2005 while he was experiencing financial difficulties. He was found living under an assumed name in Hawkes Bay after an annual review of his case resulted in a call for any information on his whereabouts.

The Chinese man, Lei Nie, known as Andrew in Hawkes Bay, was taken into custody in Hastings, after an investigation by Immigration New Zealand had resulted in information as to his present location. According to Detective Sergeant Corry Watts of INZ, the overstayer was arrested under his false name.

Detective Sergeant Watts added that Lei Nie’s real identity had been confirmed and that he is now in custody awaiting deportation. Watts thanked the New Zealand public for their help in locating the overstayer.

Last month, Immigration New Zealand had put out a call for help in locating the runaway as there was no indication he had been a victim of foul play. Nie, now 32 years old, was though to have returned to China.
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