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Wellington technological companies forced to hire from abroad

Posted on 11 Jul at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

New Zealand tech companies located in Wellington are being forced to recruit overseas staff due to sparse local talent.

Wellington’s IT sector is one of the region’s success stories, and a major employer of talented professionals in the field. However, companies are now being forced to search out staff in the overseas market as there are not enough qualified job-seekers in the region to satisfy demand.

In spite of efforts to recruit locally, software firm Silverstripe admits it’s had to turn to Europe, mainly Germany, for at least half of its new workforce. At present, 400 vacancies across the sector are being advertised, in spite of most firms’ rule that local staff must take preference.

According to Courtney Tawhiwhirangi, Silverstripe’s co-ordinator, the company is still looking for a web designer after advertising the position for the past month. Nathan Master, general manager of IT recruitment company NineTwenty, said his firm was hiring IT professionals from the Philippines, England, South Africa and Singapore.

PHP developers, technical architects, mobile web developers, java developers, SQL database developers and more are in hot demand but replies from experienced staff are limited. added Naster. The director of web agency Sparks Interactive, Lindsay Cast, agreed, saying that even more firms are hiring than are advertised on Trade Me, with many using established networks to find staff.
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