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Immigration NZ fees hiked and Parent Category visas changed

Posted on 4 Jul at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Property,

New Zealand Immigration has announced changes to both its visa fee structures and the requirements for Parent Category visas.

The hike in immigration visa charges came into effect from 2 July, with an average increase of 16.7 per cent across the board. Immigration officials have stated the increase reflects the extra costs of processing visa applications and adds that the fees will still be comparable with those in other popular competitor countries.

It is reckoned that around 80 per cent of visitors to the country will not be affected by the changes as they are entitled to enter visa-free for a period of time. A spreadsheet on NZ Immigration’s website will give full details.

At the same time, changes in immigration requirements for those applying for Parent Category visa have been announced, to come into force in July. Those wishing to apply for a visa in this category must first submit an online Expression of Interest (EoI) based on the points system and must now be invited to apply before an application can be made.

In order to gain residence, applicants must now meet one of two specific sets of requirements as well as several generic requirements. The new two-tiered system will be fully operational by the end of this month and changes include command of the English language and income requirements.

The Parent Category, closed since May while the adjustments were being made, has now reopened, and those meeting Tier 1 requirements on their EoI as well as the enhanced generic requirements will receive priority processing. Generic requirements include family relationships, health and character.
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