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Youth scheme stats highlight New Zealand emigration

Posted on 6 Jun at 9 AM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

The trend of young people emigrating from New Zealand to Australia has been highlighted by figures that show more than a quarter of students who took part in a million-dollar mentoring scheme have moved to the ‘Lucky Country’. So far, 14 of the 53 students in the I Have a Dream programme at Wesley Primary School have taken their new-found skills across the Tasman.

The group, which includes Aroha Ireland, who attended the Waitangi commemorations with Prime Minister John Key in 2008, is mainly made up of Pasifika children from low income backgrounds. Many have moved to Australia with their families, but some have found jobs on their own in various sectors.

With a 26 per cent migration rate in the programme alone, the small cross section depicts a general trend of young Kiwis opting to start their working lives across the Tasman. Net migration loss to Australia hit a record high of 39,456 this year, with many lured away by the prospect of better pay, lower taxes and less red tape on businesses.

Immigration specialist Professor Paul Spoonley told the New Zealand Herald that the example of emigration from the Dream programme shows a worrying trend of New Zealand’s talent pool being exported before they even begin their working lives. He added that kiwis are subsidising Australian investment while failing to cash in on their own.
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