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Parents of sick child denied NZ residency

Posted on 23 Apr at 11 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

South African parents looking to gain residency permits in New Zealand have told of their frustration at being denied because their son is terminally ill. Louise Moore and Dale Crebo applied for residency as skilled migrants, but were told their 11-year-old son Jedd is a "medical burden".

The couple arrived in New Zealand seven years ago on temporary work visas, with Jedd diagnosed with a muscle-wasting disease (duchenne muscular dystrophy) two months later. As Jedd is provided with a special teacher, who is paid for under the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme, Immigration New Zealand have said it will be too costly for the family to become permanent residents.

Although Dale and Louise offered to forgo the funding and start teaching Jedd at home, they were told that there is no way to stop the ORS once it has been put in place.

Speaking to, Ms Moore explained that although they were told about many available services when Jedd was first diagnosed, they did not want any of them as they felt they were young enough to look after him themselves. She added that they have good family support in New Zealand and don’t want to reply on the state.

Eventually, the family’s residency application was cancelled and they were told that they are no longer qualified. They appealed to the Immigration Protection Tribunal but were told that close ties with family members, who already have residency status, were not good enough reasons for them to stay.
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