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Indonesian mother refuses to let sick son return to New Zealand

Posted on 19 Apr at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

A woman who has been accused of keeping her Kiwi son chained to a bed in Indonesia because she says no one knows how to deal with his mental disability has refused to let him return home. Yuhanie Marisa Latinia’s 26-year-old son Simon is a New Zealand citizen and has overstayed his visa in Indonesia. He is one of five children father by New Zealand businessman David Donaldson.

Simon’s family want him to be returned to New Zealand as they say his leukodystrophy, which causes bouts of dementia and a loss of motor skills, is resulting in a poor quality of life in Indonesia. According to Mr Donaldson, who won sole custody of the couple’s children 20 years ago when they separated, Simon has been chained to a bed and is being held against his will.

However, Ms Latinia refused to hand over her son when New Zealand embassy officials and Indonesia immigration officers visited her house last week. She claims Simon’s sickness has been caused by her ex-husband’s “magic” and that he should pay $6 million for his release.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has been asked by the family to intervene as he visits Indonesia on a trade mission this week. The family believe Simon will be better cared for in New Zealand alongside his brother Robin, who also suffers from the disease.

Ms Latinia has been looking after Simon since he asked to live with her eight years ago. She said she is happy to explain the circumstances but only in her own home. Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, she told reporters to come to Indonesia if they want the real story.

Mr Key said Simon is obviously in need of help and should be allowed to return to New Zealand. He added that they are working to resolve the issue but that it is very complex.
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