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NZ and Australia launch largest migration drive in 4 decades

Posted on 17 Apr at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property, Moving To New Zealand,

As reported by the Construction Index, New Zealand and Australia are launching one of their largest migration drives in 40 years to lure in skilled trades people, according to The Emigration Group.

Emigration Group director Paul Arthur says there are a huge shortages of skilled trades people in New Zealand and Australia. In the Canterbury region (New Zealand) alone there is a need for 30,000 construction workers to aid with the reconstruction programme, while in Australia skilled construction labourers from electricians to engineers are in demand, he added.

As a consequence, there is major immigration drive under way, creating a great opportunity for Britons looking to relocate down under, said Arthur. The Emigration Group has joined forces with the Down Under Tradies Group, and the UK Joint Industry Board in order to provide a variety of trade-specific conferences for Irish and British trades people seeking to emigrate.

There are plenty of job opportunities available and, with the right help, also a good chance of having a successful visa application, claimed Arthur. Working in New Zealand and Australia is a completely different environment from the UK, he added. People have more positive attitudes, less anxiety and people try to work together to keep growing the economy, he explained.

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