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Card skimmers caught en route to NZ

Posted on 13 Apr at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

As reported by the New Zealand Herald, a gang of Bulgarian alleged card skimmers en route to New Zealand were caught as they were boarding a flight in Kuala Lumpur bound for Auckland.

The nine people were stopped, with two of them prevented from getting on the flight. Another person also stayed in Malaysia while the other six suspects boarded the flight to New Zealand.
Karen Irwin, Immigration New Zealand’s border operations manager says two people in the group were discovered to have been arrested previously for credit card skimming in Mexico.

Initially, the two on which Immigration had some evidence said they had never been deported before, and that they had never involved themselves in credit card skimming, said Irwin. However, when they were faced with very compelling proof, including photographs that show them standing with the Mexican police, they eventually admitted that it was true, she said.

The six other people who arrived in Auckland declined interviews by Immigration and were eventually sent back to Malaysia. Last month, St Petersburg police cracked down on an international crime ring which specialised in skimming. Among those intercepted were two Bulgarian nationals.

Sina Chea, Mario Rivera, Flores Roldan, William Alexander Rivera Rivas and Kevin Roberto were arrested during the weekend.
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