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New Zealand becoming destination for international students

Posted on 3 Apr at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Currency Exchange, New Zealand Dollar, Working in New Zealand, Property,

When Josephine Huong Le was in school in Vietnam, she wanted to study in Switzerland. When the financial crisis arrived, she began looking into more affordable options.

While was considering possibilities, she watched The Lord of the Rings, filmed in New Zealand. The stunning landscape impressed Ms. Le so much that she started exploring study possibilities there, reports the New York Times.

Ms. Le, in her second year of a bachelor’s degree at Victoria University of Wellington said that it’s cheaper than Switzerland, there are less people, it’s quiet and peaceful and affordable.

New Zealand has a population of 4.4 million, and while best known for wine, sheep and scenery, it’s seeking to become an affordable alternative to traditional education destinations including the United States and Britain.

With international education now the country’s fifth biggest export, worth 2.5 billion New Zealand dollars every year, the government hopes to double the sector’s value over the next 15 years. The growth is considered a way to increase university income, internationalize the institutions and strengthen the country’s skilled work force. But there is stiff competition from Australia which has been a favoured destination for students for some time. To help New Zealand’s universities compete, the government has started reducing fees for international Ph.D. students, and opening more visa offices across Asia.
The NZD exchange rates on 03/04/2012 were as follows: GBP NZD = 1.9443, EUR NZD = 1.6166, USD NZD = 1.2224, AUD NZD = 1.2611, CHF NZD = 1.3419, INR NZD = 0.0241, AED NZD = 0.3331, MXN NZD = 0.0957, CAD NZD = 1.233, ZAR NZD = 0.1579, RUB NZD = 0.0419, . See today's New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate
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