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Dotcoms bail desires granted

Posted on 2 Apr at 6 PM Tags: Currency Exchange, Law, New Zealand Travel,

Internet-piracy accused Kim Dotcom has been given permission to record music, go swimming, meet with his co-accused and even access the internet under new lenient bail rules.

Judge David Harvey approved all of the internet kingpin's requests - with some conditions - in the North Shore District Court, reports

The Megaupload founder and his three employees jointly charged with breaking copyright laws by the government of the US requested changes to their home detention circumstances while they are waiting for an extradition hearing.

Dotcom's lawyer Paul Davison claimed his client wants internet access, to talk with his co-accused to examine their court case, to go swimming at the pool in his mansion and to visit a music studio to record an album. The album is a collaboration between Dotcom and a number of international artists, some who have travelled from as far as the United States, claims Davison.

Davison said that Dotcom is involved in the writing of lyrics and other aspects of music. He also said sales from the album across the would will provide his client with money, which he is allowed as a human right. Judge Harvey approved the request, but said Dotcom can only attend the studio on two days every week, for a maximum of four hours.
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