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Marmite shortage in New Zealand leads to panic

Posted on 21 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Property,

Many British expats in New Zealand love Marmite on toast as it brings back fond memories of home.

But they have been delivered an unpalatable message - jars of Marmite on supermarket shelves will become increasingly bare, reports the Daily Mail.

Production of the yeast extract spread has been suspended due to one of the factory towers being damaged in last year’s earthquake and has closed for repairs. The Kiwi version of Marmite has a different recipe to the UK version but most expats say the taste is similar and they’re happy to use it.

New Zealand Marmite is said to have a slightly sweeter taste and is slightly weaker than the UK version. Both are made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing, but the UK version has more calories, energy, protein and carbohydrates than the Kiwi product.

With the announcement that stocks could run out within weeks, general manager of the New Zealand manufacturer Mr Pierre van Heerden, advised people to spread it on hot toast as it will go further. Panic is now setting in - what can Marmite lovers do? They can shop around for the imported UK version, although it will be hard to locate and won’t last long.
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