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Police made mistakes during raid on Megaupload boss

Posted on 20 Mar at 4 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Law, Property, Living In New Zealand,

A police blunder could lead to luxury cars and jewellery that were seized during a police raid being returned to Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom.

The property was seized during a raid on the New Zealand house of the file-sharing site's owner, reports the BBC.

But a New Zealand judge has ruled the court order used to validate the confiscation should not have been granted. The raid precipitated the closure of Megaupload and the confiscation of the web domains it used. Judge Judith Potter claims the court order should be seen as "null and void".

New Zealand police swooped on the £20m mansion in January where Kim Dotcom was living with his family. The raid was carried following a request by US authorities who blame Mr Dotcom of using Megaupload for copyright theft. The defendants deny the charges and claim they were diligent in protecting Megaupload from copyright laws.

Valuable assets were seized during the raid even though the paperwork was incorrectly filed. The seizure left Mr Dotcom unable to start a legal defence at first. Police in New Zealand have now admitted making "procedural errors". Mr Dotcom's legal team have now say the asset grab was "unlawful" and his property should be given back as a result.
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