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Immigration New Zealand will simplify visa process

Posted on 20 Mar at 9 AM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property, New Zealand Travel,

The Immigration Minister for New Zealand Nathan Guy gave his support to Immigration New Zealand’s proposed plans for it’s department which it believes will make further improvements in its procedures over the next three years.

The plans, called "Vision for 2015", will hopefully enable the immigration department to give more attention to attracting high value migrants, travellers and students. In order to achieve their goals the department believe they need to create an administration with better service, systems and outcomes, reports work

Immigration New Zealand hopes this will allow them to attract the best people, make good decisions quickly and efficiently, support migrants settling into work while protecting the integrity of the immigration system of New Zeland.

Guy said that Immigration New Zealand has been working hard to win back the confidence and trust of the Government and the public and that this plan is a significant step towards constructing on these achievements.

Guy added that the immigration department makes about 500,000 visa decisions every year, and that in future there will not be as many visa types and the application process will be simplified, leading to an improved service for customers. Guy also hopes the Immigration Global Management System (IGMS) will help the department reduce the costs.
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