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New Zealand immigration welcomed Dotcom

Posted on 13 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Currency Exchange, Property,

The New Zealand Overseas Investment Office granted Kim Dotcom permission to purchase three properties despite his dodgy past, but Simon Power, the former associate finance minister, prevented it.

Dotcom is currently on bail waiting a three-week hearing due to a request by the United States to extradite him on a number of charges including internet piracy, copyright and wire fraud involving his file-sharing company Megaupload, reports the Southland Times.

Dotcom, 38, was given residency in November 2010, following a $10m investment in government bonds – although he did have a number of convictions in different countries and not being welcome in Thailand.

Last July, the Overseas Investment Office endorsed his request to buy the $30m "Chrisco" mansion in Coatesville, near Auckland, where lived with his Filipino wife and children. The OIO also said he should be allowed to purchase a $6m house that is adjoining, that is known as "The Prom" as well as a 16.5-hectare property at Taipa.

Documents requested under the Official Information Act reveal Mr Power was not convinced Dotcom fitted the good-character requirements. He said that former convictions of Mr Dotcom are obviously relevant factors. Their repetition, as well as the fact they are fundamentally "dishonesty" charges, led him to consider the pattern of Dotcom’s behaviour showed his real character.
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