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Auckland Airport welcomes new vision for Immigration

Posted on 8 Mar at 6 PM Tags: New Zealand Visa, Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Property,

Auckland Airport has welcomed the launch by Immigration New Zealand of their hopes for 2015. The vision is a blueprint for making the immigration policy better as well as the processes to create better outcomes for New Zealand.

Charles Spillane, Auckland Airport’s general manager for corporate affairs, congratulated INZ on its work, saying the new vision continues their recent partnerships with tourism and other export industries, serving long-term interests, reports Scoop.

He said that in a global climate where matter relating to immigration are often sensitive, Immigration New Zealand is becoming a model for an enlightened immigration service that retains the bigger goals. This vision will assist finding the best balance between defending the integrity of

New Zealand, and encouraging better outcomes, both social and economic, by making it more easy for the most qualified migrants and greatest-value visitors to get to New Zealand.

Auckland Airport is also welcoming of the new focus on better service, systems, and outcomes. Spillane added that the commitment of the Government to a system that is high-tech and online will make it easier for migrants and visitors to apply for visas.
He concluded that New Zealand has some disadvantages in global tourism as it is small and a long way from anywhere.
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