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Proposed immigration system in NZ favours rich

Posted on 6 Mar at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Poor migrants who can’t speak English language will find it harder to get residency under the new two-tier immigration scheme that favours the rich.

The changes, which have been discovered through a leaked Cabinet paper, will make procuring residency tougher for parents, who now won’t be able to fly in children who are dependent, reports MSN.

The residency applications of parents whose offspring are in New Zealand will be fast-tracked if they possess guaranteed funds, or if the child-sponsors earn a high-income. The paper shows reveals the government desires to change immigration groupings to decrease the amount of unskilled migrants who find it tough to find employment and are thus more likely to be given benefit payments.

The New Zealand Herald is quoted as saying that tier-one parents will be entitled irrespective of the country their other children who are adults live in, while tier-two parents will be constricted so that only the ones who do not have adult children who live in their home country will be allowed.

The changes will be introduced in July. Darien Fenton, Labour's immigration spokeswoman, believes the revolutions will increase the gap between the poor and the rich. She said this will shock many New Zealanders who wish to reunite their families.
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