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Collaboration in New Zealand is helping recruit workers

Posted on 28 Feb at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

New Zealand Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce believes that a project designed to attract skilled workers to the country is a good example of teamwork between the private sector and the Government.

Speaking in Auckland, Mr Joyce said a number of Kiwi health technology companies are working alongside government agencies including New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to find hundreds of skilled employees for jobs in the country’s health technology sector, reports

Mr Joyce said that the health technology global attraction scheme, which was launched late last year, followed the Medical Technology Industry Blueprint which acknowledged that a key constraint to growth is a shortage of skilled talent.

He added that this is the first industry-wide collaboration to generate a pool of talent for the health technology companies of New Zealand. The scheme has used social media including LinkedIn, Google and Facebook in it’s search, and already has over 1000 people registered from across the world with a variety of skills that the health technology companies need.

Mr Joyce continued that the country exports about $800 million every year in the health technology sector and it’s likely to double over the next five years. He believes it's an industry where home-grown companies including as Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have created a niche internationally and have earned the country a good reputation.
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