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Job opportunities create applicants for transport programme

Posted on 24 Feb at 6 PM Tags: Working in New Zealand, Jobs in New Zealand, Property,

Applicants for UCOL's original truck and forklift driving programme know of the lack of skilled drivers – both in New Zealand and internationally.

The Level 2 National Certificate programme in Goods Services started last year and its quota for 2012 is already full, reports the website

Dave Jenkins, the Programme Coordinator, said that the applicants have a strong awareness that the qualification will lead to job opportunities, in New Zealand and Australia as well as further afield.

He said that the shortage is in part due to a truck driving population that is ageing, many of whom are nearing retirement. He added that there's more need for skilled drivers that have the ability to manage the safety, weights, fuel economy and loading issues.

Truck driving is one of the jobs that is on the skill shortage lists in both New Zealand and Australia for immigrants. Mr Jenkins said that the Road Transport NZ recently highlighted the problem in a circular, quoting global reports that demonstrate that the demand for truck drivers is reaching becoming critical.
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