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New Zealand police and immigration exceed their authority

Posted on 8 Feb at 6 PM Tags: Immigration, Property,

Immigration and police officials in New Zealand have taken advantage of their powers by forcing an Indian woman to fingerprint deportation documents against her will, reveals two separate inquiries.

The findings have now given the woman and her family grounds to stay in the country, and for her husband to be freed from jail, reports the nzherald.

Satinder Kapila was released from Waikeria Prison after almost four months under the orders of Tauranga District Court judge Alayne Wills. The decision was not opposed by Immigration New Zealand.

Mr Kapila, who was in prison pending deportation to India, was released after investigations by police and immigration concluded that the police exceeded their legal powers when they forced open his clenched fist in order to make him give his fingerprints to a deportation document.

Mr Kapila said life in prison was "really bad and hard" and that his is happy to be back with his family. Speaking with the help of an interpreter, he agreed that his wife being forced to give her fingerprints was a blessing in disguise. Due to the findings of the investigation, it has been agreed at Immigration New Zealand that the family can appeal to stay in the country on humanitarian grounds.
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